Reasons of failure At Cramming

Most of you start cramming of subjects when you find the time of exam or test for any job getting near. Some people I heard study at all exam night and claim that he/she has crammed everything still could not achieve hopeful results.

This is a flawed strategy for cramming. The reasons why our brain helpless to retain information we try to cram it are the following:

Lack of proper rest:

Our brain also gets tired and need some rest. If we continuously try to cram something without proper sleep of at least eight hours our brain will deficient become fatigued and would not transfer information into permanent memory.   

Lack of nutritious breakfast:

Proteins, nuts and fruits in breakfast also boost our mind and make it function properly. Those students do not get proper food before exams they would not give proper output in their exams.

Damage of hippocampus due to some diseases:

Our brain become helpless at retaining when it gets injured due to accident of attacked by disease such as Alzheimer, Amnesia. These diseases affect our memory.  

Reasons of failure At Cramming


 Cramming is every students’ issue; they face in their academic times. Students usually do not care about their sleep timing and diet which become hinderance in proper functioning of brain.

To proper work, brain needs proper rest and proper nutrition. To retain memory, the brain functions two ways first to grab it in short-term memory and then transfer it to the long-term memory, when the brain recognize that information. thus, to make information into permanent placement we need make connection with already existing information in our brain.

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