Beneficial Uses Of Social Media 

To connect with people: 

Social media has provided the platform where people around the world show their connections. Friend list in Facebook and Whats App gives pride to people for having a connection with so many people. It also helps in connecting with loved ones who are away from their family for study or job purposes.

Owing to social media people are now assured of the safety of their family members who are living far distant from them. Social media has also provided an opportunity for knowing different cultures and ideas of people who are living in another part of the world. 

Beneficial Usages Of Social Media 

For doing businesses: 

Social media has made life easier for people who are involved in different kinds of business. Social media has provided them the opportunity for marketing of the brands and ways of investment through Whats App and Facebook statuses. Both buyers and sellers may live far from each other still able to deal through social media.

Online shopping has got much promotion during lockdowns due to the Covid-19 situation. In this crucial time, people who lost their jobs and physical businesses, turn towards online businesses through social media.

Beneficial Usages Of Social Media 

To know the location:  

In today’s world when people are stuck in unknown places, they google the location map and then they find their destination. Nowadays, people who are new to any area never worried about their stray. Social media has created many avenues to facilitate people to find any place they never knew before.

Beneficial Usages Of Social Media 

To get updated about social issues:

In previous times, any evil thing that happened easily got obscured. However, in the current world where the writ of social media is very strong, every kind of social issue gets more visibility. People are now updated about every issue with facts that happens in any part of the world. Social issues awareness leads people to work for societal betterment.

In different social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp like-minded people create groups for social change and share their daily activities for that cause.

People also get knowledge about uprisings happening in any part of the world, like an uprising in Myanmar as the result of the coup. Especially in the covid-19 crisis, the usage of social media increased.

According to the Statista report, there is a significant increase in social media usage in U.S 65 minutes daily, compared to 54 minutes and 56 minutes the years before. The amount of time spent on social networking is expected to remain stable in the upcoming years.

To get updated about social issues:


Social media has also provided tools for entertainment. New avenues have now been created for entertainment purposes. These are Tik Tok, Snack videos, etc. Its usage increased during covid-19.

Owing to the covid-19 situation people were in quarantine. In that boredom time, people find this tool as useful to entertain people. Study shows that 180 percent growth in its usage among 15–25-year-old people during the pandemic. 

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