Beneficial Home Remedies To Prevent Tanning Naturally


  • For scrubbing first, you need rice Flour to exfoliate the dead skin cells from your skin. Second, you need a half tomato and blend it well. 
  • Third, you need a lemon, whatever issues you have related to tanning it will work very well. 
  • The fourth ingredient for the soothing effect is rose water. 
  • Now mix two tablespoons of tomato, rice flour, lemon, and rose water. Apply it on the exposed areas gently. 
  • It is the best scrub to prevent Tanning.


  • For this you need white Corn Flour it helps to reduce the blemished skin and dark spots of your skin. Moreover, it also provides you a calming effect. 
  • Second, you need Turmeric. 
  • Third, you require orange peel powder that is a good source of vitamin C and great for skin tightening. 
  • Fourth you need Chandan Powder that is good for soothing effect. 
  • Fifth add Coffee and olive oil. Now add four tablespoons of Corn Flour, add 1 tablespoon of Turmeric, orange peel powder, coffee, and olive oil mix well and apply softly. 
  • This is an excellent body mask to prevent Tanning effects, discolored skin, and dark spots. Remember to apply this body mask after taking bath.
 Remedies To Prevent Tanning Naturally


Sunscreen can be used by those people who spend time outside for outdoor activities. For instance: women, men, children can use it. People who get tan very quickly. People who have light skin or dark skin complexion can apply it. And the people who have already been exposed to sun a lot and have tan skin.

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