How Do I know If I Have A Cavity

Our teeth health plays a vital role in our overall health. Take care of teeth by preventing it from decay and cavity by cleaning teeth regularly.

What is Cavity ?

Sometime the food which we eat and bacteria build up in our teeth and it might form plaque. These bacteria produce acids which can erode the enamel which is present on the surface of our teeth.

However brushing the teeth regularly can help in getting rid from this plaque. If you don’t clean this plaque it get increase and can also damage nearby teeth and creates more cavities.

What is Cavity ?

Signs and Symptoms of cavity.

There exist a lot of signs that indicates cavity is start growing in teeth however these some of these signs are described. Let us to discuss them……..

Sensation of hot and cold

If there is linger of sensitivity after eating of any cold or hot meal, this indicates that you have cavity in your teeth. As your tooth enamel wear away than your dentin may affected Which is second layer of your teeth and it is hard tissue and it contain a lot of little microscopic hollow tubes.

When there is no more enamel to protect the dentin that the you eat which may be hot or cold aor acidic stimulate the nerves cells and this creates the sensitivity that you feel.

Lingering Sensation of sweet:

Hot and cold are the common sensation but you also have a cavity when you sensitivity to sweets. This indicates the decay of your teeth. Sweet sensitivity is a result when you enamel starts decaying and this is a start of cavity.


It is a most common sign that an ache in teeth and it can indicate a cavity. This ache might happen suddenly as a result when you eat something. You may feel pain and discomfort in the mouth and you may also feel pressure when you bite on food

Stain on teeth

Stain appears on the surface of teeth and it may appear as white spots and as your teeth decay it become more darker. This staining which is caused be a cavity can vary in colour, it can be brown white or black.

Pit or any hole in teeth

If the staining worsens, it may cause a pit or hole in the teeth. Which you can easily see in the mirror when you look in the mirror. There are some hole which are not visible to you but you still feel pain in that area and this indicates the presence of cavity. 

You must get an appointment if you notice any hole or pit in the teeth because this a clear symbol that indicates you have a cavity.

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