4 Easy Methods How To Clean PC Dust Without Compressed Air

Many people around you  recommend compressed air for proper cleaning of dust from your PC . However it can be expensive and sometimes we can’t afford such things..  It is good to clean PC twice a year but if the environment is more dusty than cleaning pc every   months is preferable.   

Some Alternatives for cleaning of PC

These are some best methods to clean dust from your computers

Use Bush, cotton swabs and by rubbing alcohol:

First of all turn off PC and then remove power supply. After that let the PC Cool Down. And remove all the filters and panels from the case . Use brush to wipe away the dust. Use cotton swabs that you have dipped in alcohol, use it for unreachable spots.    

4 Easy Methods How To Clean PC Dust Without Compressed Air

After that remove all the hardware like graphic card power supply and RAMs etc. and clan it with soft cotton. You can also use alcohol for cleaning because I don’t damage the hardware in any way. Clean slots with brush gently. Warning: Don’t remove processer for cleaning :   

Vacuum Cleaner: 

Vacuum cleaner is also another option which is also an effective to clean the dirt from computer. There are a lot of mini vacuum cleaner that are available in the market.  Some of them are specially design for computers.

The anti-static technology  are equipped in recent vacuum cleaner which prevent computers form any type of damage. And it is very easy to use and easily remove dust.

However vacuum cleaners sometimes build-up an electrostatic force which may be dangerous for computers. In spite of this people are using vacuum cleaner for cleaning purposes and without suffering from any problem but it is better to stay careful. 

Silicon blower

A silicon blower also known as a hand blower whose working is similar to the compressed air canisters.   It is the cheapest way for cleaning your pc because we don’t have to buy it again and again.

Once you buy it you can use it as long as you can. It works as you pushed the silicon container in result it blows air blast which is enough for cleaning of dirt form electronic comments.   


A hairdryer blows air out but it is hot so it might melt or can damage some components so by setting it to coolest you can use it to clean dirt and dust from components. So use it very carefully and don’t focused air on a spot.  

All these methods are good and workable. But always be attentive and careful while practicing any one of method mentioned above. Because without precautions it can harm your computer.   

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