How Long Is A High School Football Game?

High school football game is shorter than other because the player s in high school are not more developed physically and students get first real exposure.

Football game that is played in high school typically last for two hours to two and half hour. It is average time that   a football game takes. It consist of four quarters of 12 minutes and a half time is between second and third quarters. 

 High School Football Game?

This is very hard to nail down the average length of a high school football game. Across the USA there different types and classes of high school football game which all have a variety of levels and style of play. However a high  school’s football game is shorter than college football game.

Length of halftime of high school football game:

The half time of high school football game is typical last 10 to 20 mint  and this length can vary, depending on state. 

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