Why Cows Not able to Walk Down Stairs?

Every animal has its unique capabilities depends upon its physical structure and intellectuality. It is generally believed that the cow cannot walk down the stairs. Stairs are commonly made for the human facility; therefore, these are designed by keeping in view the flexibility of human legs. It is nature, that has decided which animal will innately move in what way.

Set aside the power they have got; every animal has got the unique ability that cannot be found in another category of animals no matter how powerful they are. For instance, an ant can walk on the ground as well as on the wall easily, but it would be considered a myth if the same thing utters for human beings or lions, even though these are the more powerful creatures than an ant.

Thus, it is quality by nature a creature has got, makes it viable for a specific move. Similarly, for a cow that can climb up to the stairs. However, it takes huge efforts to make cows go down, owing to its physical features that do not allow the cow to slip down the stairs.

Why cows cannot go down the stairs?

A cow cannot see down:

Stairs are not given by nature, rather these are man-made. Therefore, stairs are made by keeping in view human flexibility of legs and neck, and for its comfort. For this purpose, each slop of the stairs is about 35 degrees. However, the cow’s neck is not much flexible to look downward. It becomes helpless to move its neck lowered down to look at the stairs. Thus, cows cannot look downward, it ultimately becomes difficult for them to downhill the stairs.

A cow cannot see down


Cows contain the heavyweight, which is difficult for them to carry themselves down the stairs. Mostly their tummy and hips contain huge weight, when they walk downward the stomach pushes forward and makes them difficult to move further. Owing to their weight it becomes difficult for them to maintain balance. Thus, there always a risk of their falling.

This is the reason cows afraid of walking down the stairs. Heavyweight, even in humans creates obstacles in descending from stairs or hills. Cows’ heavyweight along with many other issues creates difficulty for them to descending from the stairs. 

Cows Can't Go Downstairs

Slippery feet:

Besides walking, feet also help creatures to maintain balance while ascending or descending the stairs or hills. Cow’s slippery feet also create a problem for them to walk down the stairs. Plus, the heavyweight which puts the whole pressure on the feet makes it difficult for the cow to maintain balance. Therefore, it is impossible for a cow to downhill the stairs. 

Knee’s problem:

Knees have also created numerous problems for cows when they try to walk down the stairs. It is due to the inflexibility of the legs of the cow. Cow’s knees are seldomly bent, which creates hindrances for a cow to walk downwards from the stairs. While walking down the stairs, these are the legs that have to handle all the activity of going down the stairs. However, it is the huge problem when the knees of the cow could not bend much. 

Cows Not able to Walk Down Stairs?


Every creature contains unique features that help them in movement in a specific way. Nature has made every creature with specific qualities and capacities. Stairs are the man-made object; therefore, it is exclusively made to facilitate human beings according to their physical features. However, cows have different physical features that are not contemptible to descending the stairs.  

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