Preparing Today’s Kids for The Future Jobs

Empower Next Generation Kids For future jobs

“History is dependent on the new generation to write a new chapter.” LaMelo Ball

In current times, children rarely seen playing with balloons, dolls, and other toys rather they like to play with mobile phones and tablets in a very early age. With growing, technology children are also getting smarter and more advanced and they are changing their choices.

The next generation kids will be the luckiest as they will be having everything, which previous kids aspire for, readily available to them. The next generation of kids also called as Z generation or alpha generation.

According to statistics, about 30% of world population is consisting of children. These kids will be the adults of 1950, which is predicted by Yuval Harari, will be the time of innumerable of Artificial Intelligence and technology. Therefore, with the easiness, there is awaiting huge machine force to replace human’s manual works, then people will find shortage in job market.

For this reason, today’s kids need to be trained accordingly for the future new jobs may readily be available for them.

This rapid changing bringing innovation to the world and giving awakening to the world today, however, it will be posing huge burden on next generation for maintenance and to establish new form of security mechanism that could rescue them from invisible enemies in the form of cybercrimes.

Thus, parents should aware children of their responsibility of the world embedded with the technology they will be entering before handover them the mobile or letting them to use social media

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Empower Next Generation Kids For  Future jobs

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