Why And How Do People Exaggerate In 2021?

Has any person ever stop you in the street to tell you something you do not know? this world of full of people, every person contains a story to tell. Some people create it, while others just exaggerate the scene they came across. They feel amusement by reeling people into the suspense they created through fake stories. Similarly, social media exaggerate the scenes and events by adding their spies just to create suspense in people.

The human mind can mold reality by personifying nonliving or nonhuman objects of the world. Sometimes people believe in those myths created long ago and added into their religious beliefs. As in the ancient world, people feared every huge object of the world, i.e., storm, mountains, sky, sun, etc. therefore, they made a deity of every powerful object, they saw, out of fear. However, today people simply exaggerate the events to make-believe people in their false stories that bewildered the mind, through Tik Tok, snake video apps.

In today’s world, people feel proud of themselves by exaggerating stories that do not even make any sense. As previously, myths like Sona Pari, Aladdin, Alif Laila, contained some lessons, however, today’s stories are nothing only just an amusement for the time being. Today people exaggerate just to make their impression or to get rates in Facebook and Tik Tok apps. 

How to deal with people who exaggerate

Controlling Your Reaction:

  • First to realize that the person is having a particular motif behind its exaggeration of the story.
  • Distracting them by asking certain questions at the time when they begin to feel awkward or become nervous. 
  • Do not draw yourself into their drama, made for you or for others to seek attention, instead of walk away forcibly even if you get fascinated by their story do not let lie takes hold of you.
  • Another way to catch their lies is through a sense of humor. You may react in a way that makes clear to them that you have not believed in their lies.
how People Exaggerate

Confronting the Problem Directly:

  • It may be reluctantly, but you should listen to the story with all the details attentively. And then review the story by yourself and specify the contradictions the exaggerated details contain.
  • Challenge the reason behind the exaggeration of their story.
  • Clarify their relationship with you and other people.
  • When you suspect that whatever the other person exaggerating cannot be true, then you just need to take a minute and ask them for more details of their utterance. This way you will be putting them into a challenge in conversation.
Why And How Do People Exaggerate?

Maintaining your Boundaries:

  • If you cannot control a person for exaggeration and it gets under your skin. Then simply you should change your way from those people and avoid talking to them. 
  • Do not compete with people in exaggerating stories it will take you into more problems.
  • Those people might be suffering from any problem that leads them to exaggerate the issues. You need to help them empathically. 
  • If a person uses to embellish stories all the time, then you should avoid talking to them and take them aside. 
Why Do People Exaggerate

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