Positive And Negative Impacts Of Social Media

Are you missing your school friend? and do not know where he/she is currently residing? You just need to open Facebook and type her/his name on search then you will be able to connect with your old friend. Social media has decreased distances among people. There was a time when people used to wait for letters for many days and travel long distances just to meet with their loved ones.

However, social media has brought change magically. Now people can see and talk anytime for hours through WhatsApp and Skype even with people who are residing in foreign countries.

Social media is the most important accelerating tool of globalization. It is the platform where people interact with each other from every corner of the world. Social media is used for many purposes. For instance, to get knowledge, to make new friends, to find the location and for business purposes. Owing to its rampant usage, the world now becomes a global village.

It has discarded the traditional way of business dealing with customers and interacting with people around the world. With the advancement in technology, more and more avenues have been developed for the usage of social media. For instance, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Impacts of Social Media

Social media has rampantly changed the lifestyles of people. It has posed negative as well as positive impacts in people’s lives.

Negative Impacts

Wastage of time:

One of the misuses of social media is that it wastes a lot of time. It attracts youngsters most that result in their low performance in their academics. Social media is like a sea, where one can find useful material for study as well as non-useful material which attracts most and there is not any button to stop the access of non-useful content.

That is why most of the parents are worried about their children that they want mobile at an early age and less attentive towards their studies. Their focus diverts towards dis tractors present in social media that hinders their mind to get academic knowledge. 

Impacts of Social Media

Health issues: 

Rampant use of social media has also caused health issues. Especially weakening of eyesight. Those people who become social media worm they mostly do not take a meal on time sometimes skip meal this results in weakness and lack of energy for physical work. Thus, social medial deteriorates the health of a person.

Negative Impacts Of social media

Impact norms of society:

People who serve most of the time on social media, they get inspired from different cultures and ideologies. This led them to decrease in their interest and leaning towards their cultural norms. Social media impact on behavior, attitude, and beliefs of people. It has the power to change the very outlook of the person. One research has found that “social norms will move at a faster rate based on people’s rate of consumption of social media,” Leonhardt. 

Negative Impacts


One of the dangerous side effects of social media is cyberattacks or cybercrimes. These are rampant in today’s world. sensitive information of a country or personal information of people are not safe on social media. These can be misused if they get hacked by evil people. One report says that in 2019IC3 received a total of 467,361 complaints with reported losses exceeding $3.5 billion.

Negative Impact Of social Media

Positive impacts

Sharing of knowledge:

One positive impact of social media is that it led people to share knowledge regarding different domains which create interest in people to learn and to read from different sources. Many research papers are available on many websites in Scholar google. This creates eagerness in people about knowing different ideas and many books. This led to an interest in many young people for searching and getting knowledge. 

positive Impacts Of social Media

Harmony among people:

Interaction of different parts of the people has developed harmony among people and in their ideas. This is a positive sign as it decreases the chances of conflict and doubts about people living in different countries of the world. For instance, there have been political skirmishes in India and Pakistan. However, their civilians interact with each other through social media, and they get entertained through each other’s showbiz industries.

positive Impacts Of social Media

Online education:

Social media also developed many other ways of maintaining teacher-student relations. Especially in the covid-19 crisis in which almost 1 billion students around the world get affected because physical education became impossible. Many institutes turn towards online classes through zoom. Therefore, we can say social media has played a greater role in the promotion of education during the covid-19 situation.

Negative Impact Of social Media


Social media plays a very significant role in our daily life. It has changed the lifestyle of people. It provides a platform where people from different parts of the world can interact at minimum cost. It has made life easier as it has provided different business and education opportunities.

Now students can take courses from different universities online. As a coin has two sides so the social media has some uses as well as misuses it depends upon the user of the internet how he/she uses it. CLICK HERE

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