What is pop quiz?

Students are given lectures daily in our education system and suggested that they should cram every word of fair copy to get higher grades. Do teachers bother to think that with higher grades does learning also determined by students? It poses the big question mark over this education system, which only teaches how to cram and learn. The pop quiz is something subtle of this system. In pop quizzes, teachers supposed to ask students questions abruptly without their prior preparation.

It is almost 10 to 15 minutes short and quick quiz made by teachers. Through this technique, teachers get to know the level of understanding in students and build their analytical ability. This method of assessment is mostly followed in American schools. Therefore, students at American schools have got a high level of IQ level. This technique sharpens the problem-solving level and builds their analytical approach.

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Benefits of Pop Quiz

Pop quiz helps students in many ways:

  • It helps to make students up to date about current scenario general knowledge.
  • It sharpens the analysis of the students through which they will be able to connect knowledge taught by teacher with the knowledge which is already exist their mind.
  • This type of assessment will give clue to the teacher about students’ analytical approach.
  • Teachers will also get to know how much students have understood previous lecture and he/she must start another topic or to give little bit review of previous lecture.
  • This will increase quest in students about learning more and learning things out of the box.
  • This brings innovation in assessment. Students will be prepared every time for such tests that will measure IQ level in students.
  • These types of quizzes create interest and competition among students that lead them to do in depth study about lessons teacher taught them in class.

What type of pop quiz questions are?

Pop quiz questions can be of different dimensions and its an attempt by teacher to find gem among students. These questions can be related to history, geography, Science, Astronomy, and geography. These questions would also help students to prepare for competitive tests in their coming life. CLICK HERE

There are the following dimensions regarding pop quiz questions most likely asked by teachers:

General knowledge:

  1. How many time zones are present in Russia? That is 11 ans.
  2. Which is the national flower of Japan? Cherry blossom is ans.
  3. What number of stripes can be found on the US flag? 13 is the ans.
  4.  What is the National animal of Australia? Red Kangaroo is the ans.
  5. In how many days Earth orbit around the Sun? 365 is the ans.
  6. Which empires do not have written language? Options: Incan, Aztec, Egyptian, Roman? Incan is the ans.
  7.  The Turkish city of Istanbul called until 1923? Constantinople is the ans.

     World geography

  1. the country which contains the most islands in the world? Sweden is the ans over 220,000 islands it contains.
  2.  Smallest country in the world? The Vatican is the ans.
  3.  the capital of Canada? Ottawa is the ans.
  4. Which is the largest mountain range in the world? The Andes ans.
  5. Deepest natural place on planet Earth is? The Mariana Trench ans.
  6. Which is the longest river in the world? The Nile, 6650km ans.

       Language, literature & arts

  1. What is the slang name for New York City, used by locals? (Gotham)
  2. Name the best-selling book series of the 21st century? (Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling)
  3. Which language has the most words (according to dictionary entries)? (English, 200,000 words)
  4. Norwegian Which famous graffiti artist comes from Bristol? (Banksy)
  5. artist Edvard Munch is famous for painting which iconic piece? (The Scream)
  6. Which artist painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome? (Michelangelo)

History & fashion

1. When did they open the London underground? (1863)

2. Who invented the World Wide Web, and when? (Tim Berners-Lee, 1990)

3. Who invented the iconic Little Black Dress? (Coco Chanel, 1920s)

4. What happened on July 20th, 1969? (Apollo 11 landed on the Moon)

5. When was the first issue of Vogue published: 1892, 1960, 2000? (1892)

Pop culture & music:

1. from where Billie Eilish belongs? (Los Angeles)

2. What city do The Beatles come from? (Liverpool)

3. What is the all-time most-streamed song on Spotify to date? (Ed Sheeran, The Shape of You)

4. What is the most-streamed album on Spotify in 2019? (When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Billie Eilish)

5. How many keys does a classical piano have? (88)

6. Which famous American pop band was initially called ‘Kara’s Flowers? (Maroon 5)


Pop quiz are short abrupt questions asked by teachers before prior warning. School system in our country need to adopt this technique to assess the analytical ability of students. This analytical ability will help students throughout their life whenever they interact with any such problem whose answer does not have anywhere except in their own mind. This will also be helping out our country to produce witty people in our country who will prove to be best tomorrow’s leaders.

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