I never lose; I learn

One day I was going on my way; I saw an ant trying to climb the wall and reach the place where it could find food. For this reason, it kept on struggling to climb, but most of the time, it could climb few feet and pull back to the land. After many failed attempts, it eventually became successful in reaching its goal. Just like an ant can learn how to climb from its failure at climbing the wall, everyone can learn from one’s failure.  Learning

is something that never goes in vain, no matter how it is acquired. So, it would be a wastage of time to keep on crying or regretting over split milk. Before a child learn how to stand straight and learn to walk, he fell many times and sometimes even get beat and bruised. But still, he kept on trying until he learned to walk.

Similarly, we must keep on learning until we get the natural result of our struggle. If we accept failure, we will be putting a full stop to our learning forever. Therefore, accepting a failure is a loss. Otherwise, it is learning, not a defeat. As Nelson Mandela rightly said, “I never lose, either I win or learn.”


How successful people react to setback:

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill. Those who know their failure is not the end of life; instead, it is a step towards learning; they never get upset from their failure rather than find many avenues. Everybody faces setbacks. There is no one whose life is stressless. However, people are varying in reacting to the problems they are confronting to.

They self-reflect:

for people, regression is not the solution to failure, they self-begets opportunities from their loss. Many examples exist in this world of those who never accept defeat and find the fundamental skills to lead them towards success. They gradually curve out those skills and have given the world the most awesome gadgets unknown to the world.

Many of the people must not be unaware of KFC? But most people may not know about the untired struggle of its founder. It was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders, the person who struggled throughout his life to become successful. His little experiment with chicken and bread made his startup business the world’s most favorite restaurant.

Other notable examples like Bill Gates, Elon Musk etc, who could not achieve their success from an academic career but become the world’s billionaires by their unique skills.

They engage in other activities:

People who could not achieve success from their one activity they change their activity and change their minds. They do not think that their world is ended at that point, but they keep searching for different paths to exclude themselves from the existing unbearable situation. They do not let people pass unpleasant remarks. They mold their destiny overnight and find other ways around to reflect themself.

They try to convert their loss into gain by using different mechanisms. The most notable example of such people is Muniba Mazai. An accident made her paralyze, which changed her life abruptly. However, she never gave up in her life, and her talent of painting and speaking has brought to her massive success that she is become well known to the world.

They recreate their approach:

One most crucial trait of successful people is that they learn from their failures and recreate things afresh. Like Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed; I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. He had given the world many life-changing devices like electric bulbs, phonograph, motion picture camera. However, he never becomes able to make all these things abruptly; he had to go through the process of recreating after many failed attempts. Hence, after his successful attempt, he just enlightened the world forever and his name too.

They forgive themselves:

Successful people hold one quality, and that is knowing the importance of self-compassion. They do not blame themselves for failure and keep on holding grudges for themselves. Instead, they learn to let go of things and people who do not add progress in life. Life is the meaning of ups and downs. They remain part of our life till our last breath. Resentment is just adding one more day you get a burden on your shoulder. Thus, successful people do not regret the past and cautious about the future. They keep on going with the flow of life.   Like Nelson Mandela had put it, “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

They believe in themselves:

Human beings look similar as all of us have got common organs and strengths. However, one thing that makes us apart is our skills. If a person recognizes his/her skill, it can bring transformation in the world. There is an example of Colonel Sanders before us, who failed about 109 times in his personal life and professional life. Still, he remains determined about his success and keeps on trying. At his age 65, he recognized his cooking skill and gave marvelous gifts to the world in the form of fried chicken with buns.


As it is said, “life is not a bed of roses” one must fight with obstacles coming into one’s life in the path to achieving one’s destiny. Life is like a vehicle that must keep moving onto the road of life despite it stuck at so many destructors. These distractors add experience to how one should react to such challenges whenever one faces one’s life. life is moving parallel to time, and the ‘time waits for none.’ One will only waste one’s time when he/she keep on regretting things that are not in his/her hands. As Wesley Snipes puts it in, “don’t stop when you are tired; stop when you are done.” Thus, one must keep on trying and recreating things until they get it done and give innovation to the world.

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