Wise men build bridges

One thing can work either way. Similarly, the thing in an image also can look like either way. It looks wall on one side, but once you look at front, it seems bridge. Likewise, people are also differing in their opinions and their actions. People either trying to make walls or bridges among countries, nations, communities, or even among relations. Walls symbolize differences, abhorrence, hostilities, and animosity, while bridges symbolize nearness, friendliness, co occurrence, and solidarity.

However, walls destroy peace while bridges create peace. The world has seen many great leaders who tried to construct bridges among nations to maintain the world’s peace. On the contrary, the world has also witnessed leaders who tried to destabilize the world and destruct the world’s peace and take the world into unprecedented challenges. Thus, wise are the people who struggle to make a bridge from the wall and maintain that bridge among people and nations.

How wise men can build bridges?

A bridge connects two ends. Likewise, wise men keep on the struggle to make connections among states through peace and harmony. Besides, wise people also in the urge to create harmony among people. Wise men have art to erase the barriers between people skillfully and spread the message of love and harmony so that peace could be intact. The following signs jolted below that differentiates a wise man from men who creates barriers.

Speak out against prejudice and discrimination:

People who are conscious of right and wrong usually speak against the evils happening in society. Through writings and through protests, they spread the message of partiality and peace. Form them; peace can only be attained when the discrimination is eliminated completely. These people try to unite people despite difference of color, culture, region, or even idea. These differences do not mean anything for people who look at commonality in people.

This commonality work as bridge among people. Hence, the people focus on that commonality among people, which could erase prejudices and discrimination barriers. South African socialist Nelson Mandela and South American Socialist Maya Angelou were the freedom fighters for Black’s rights. They keep on trying to make people consider the unity in humanity to evacuate people from discriminatory attitudes. As Nelson Mandela says, “Discrimination against and the stigmatization of one part of the population devalued the humanity not only of the victims but of all the people of our country.” 

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Develop consensus among states:

Wise men are always longing for developing harmony and consensus among nations through trade relations and fighting against aggression and terrorism. Those leaders who want to construct peace in the world always discourage aggression and animosity. They remain in the urge to end hostility through talks. They try to renew the bridge among hostile countries through bilateral and multilateral negotiations. When the US failed to win the war in Vietnam, US President Johnson was advised by wise men Omar Bradley and Matthew Ridgway from his advisers that the US should stop sending further troops and negotiate peace talks. This advice made end of long war in Vietnam.


By building peace and harmony:

Wise men always seek peace and harmony. They give this message through their writings and actions. Peace is the absence of hostility and longing for consensus among people and nations. In peace, states acquired great benefits in terms of economy, security, and technology. Therefore, states are always looking for peace and convince aggressive states for negotiations.

After World War II, US President Woodrow Wilson had given wisest advice for harmony among nations through the League of Nations organization to put an end to any future war. He wants to convert the jungle into a zoo. Based on his ideology, today, we see the fine form of LON in the form of the United Nations that has maintained world peace and avert many wars that could have destroyed the world’s peace. As a result of which we see the world is now getting advanced in technology and science. Thus, it is due to the maintenance of peace; the world has witnessed a chain of progress. CLICK

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Eliminating discrepancy between rich and poor:

Wise men never pass judgment over poor and those contain little bank balance. They try to bridge the gap between poor and rich with their logic of happiness. As Robert Kiyosaki said, “The only difference between a RICH person and a POOR person is how they use their time.This is how the difference between rich and poor is. Money does not have the scale to measure this difference. Both can be happy without money. What needs is peace of mind and harmony among people, which can create happiness in people’s lives.

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Scientific and technological improvement:

Technological improvement has worked as a bridge connecting people through communication networks. Through the internet, people can see each other through skype, Zoom app, WhatsApp, etc. Technology also works as decreasing distances through the invention of vehicles, airplanes, and trains. Those wise men, who made a difference by taking the initiative in such innovation for the betterment of human beings, were Graham Bell.

He invented the telephone that has developed communication mechanisms between human beings. James Watt invented the steam engine, which helped decrease distances among people who are very far from each other. Similarly, till today many such inventors have been born who work for giving innovations to the world.


Cementing Relationships:

Wise people also work for cementing relations instead of creating cleavages in them. Many thinkers gave different ideas to the world that have made a difference by bridging ties among people apart from each other. For instance, Karl Marx had given the ideology of socialism that had developed relations among laborers worldwide. Likewise, Martin Luther, a South American socialist, had given ideas about unity and tried to glue the relations of humanity among people belonging to the different regions. As he once said, “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.



The world has seen many kinds of people who came and gone from the world. However, those people are remembered who have given their different ideas and innovations that have helped bridge the gap between people and make them near to each other so that people around the world could understand each other. Now, Eastern people have access to talk with Western people and vice versa. This connection has developed an opportunity to erase barriers and doubts among these people belonging to different regions.

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