Fools multiply when the wise are silent

Once upon a time, three fools were living in a small village. One day, they were on their way, they saw a lake with perplexity that there was something on it. They become shocked for some time, and then they assumed that it must be a devil that could kill all of us in the village, so we should inform everyone in the town. Actually, the shade of the cloud deceives the fools, and they never bother to look up at the sky to know the reality. Similarly, people always believe one side of the story and overlook the fact. When these fools reached the village, they narrate the scene by adding their own spies.

So many people begin to believe in them and become fools. At the same time, few wise people knew the reality but never bothered to let people know because they were afraid that people might reject it or get aggressive towards them. Their silence led more people to believe in the fools. Initially, there were three fools; now more and more people are becoming fools by believing in fools’ story.

Foolishness is like a cancer cell, which, once created, keeps on multiplies in other organ cells and then to other organs until it is cut down. Similarly, until wise men remain silent and do not speak against violence, discrimination, and injustice in society, these evils keep multiplying and becoming the norm of society.

Kinds of evil that have strengthen roots in society.

Evils that do not catch the attention of wise people, keep on growing. And the time comes when it gets strengthen and holds its roots in society. Then there would become difficult to eliminate the uncontrollable impact of the issues that emerged due to the evil acts happening in the society. Below are few examples of the forms of evil in society.


Extremism is something that exceeds the normal level. Extremists negate any ideology that does not fit in their shoes. This attitude creates resentment for other religions, cultures, and ideologies. Extremism emerges with the inculcation of negative mentality by some fools. Their implantation of seeds of prejudiced mentality for others gives rise to the deluge of violence and blood.

Suicide attacks, as a result of extremism, create chaos and fear among people. In current times this disease has taken roots in society. The time the seeds of this disease were germinating should have cut out, then there would have limits to this curse. But the wise men of that time had pulled their legs before fools, resulting in extremism.

work crime


Hostility among nations and people also happens due to the policies of some folly leaders. Like Hitler’s cruel policies, Europe is witnessed of heinous World War II; in the existing world, Trump’s ‘America First’ created resentment in many countries of the world. If the League of Nations had appropriately worked and could have succeeded in exempting aggressive nations, the world would not have seen such destructive war. However, United Nations should not revive that similar mistake and keep the reigns of aggressive nations.

historical photo

Domestic violence:

Practices become norms when people who should object of misdoings of practices and specify the impacts remain silent. Domestic violence and prejudice against women become norm of the society. Almost every second home of this society doing this practice because of some fools’s advice of society who consider women without brains. Owing to this mentality , women’s positions remain subjugated in society. This kind of thinking will never avert until the brainy of society changes the people’s mindset, which has become rusted.


Child labor:

Child labor is also one of the curses of society. Some families of our society believe that there is no benefit to education. Instead, it is a wastage of time and money, so children should be sent to work so that they could earn for their parents. Child labor snatches the right to education and even childhood from every child who works instead of getting an education. If this mindset never changes, many lives will be ruined.

child labor

Rampant corruption: 

Corruption is like powder post beetles that eat the economy of the country and make the hollow country inside. The belief that one needs to become rich to live a happy life is incorrect. To become satisfied, one must live a peaceful life. Those do this practice, they not become criminal of the court of this world but also become sinful in Islam. As it is already mentioned by the Messenger of Allah (PBUH): “May the Curse of Allah be upon the briber and the bribe recipient.” If the wise people spread this message and the mechanism of transparency strengthens, this curse can be reduced. Click here

corrupt ruler

How can wise men break the silence?

Nothing is impossible in this world. The evils mentioned above gradually burgeoning due to lack of proper injunctions by scholars and religious zealots. Another reason behind this ignorance is that the scholars are also divided in their opinion. Every intellectual of this world considers his opinion a complete reality, and the criticism now becomes the norm. People nowadays give their ideas not to change the world instead to make their impression.

However, this thinking can be changed when these scholars and religious zealots unite and build consensus among religious sects and people who are different in their opinion and consider others’ opinions as fraudulent. The wise men of this century need to be cautious and defy every kind of evil that could create chaos in the world.

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