How to lecture effectively

The most difficult task one faces is to impart knowledge from one’s mind into another mind in the most effective way. Best teachers know this art; that is why they become the favorite of every student. However, when students lack interest in the teacher’s lecture, there will be yawning instead of learning. A lecture means planning and presenting a lesson or a topic that develops students’ interest in that particular topic. For this reason, teachers need to adopt such methodologies and techniques which make it possible.


Why are lectures Important?

  • The lecture is important because it provides the most up-to-date information.
  • It helps summarize the information scattered and creates confusion about which data to follow and which data to leave. 
  • The lecture makes the connection of pieces of information that would fit the background of the topic. 
  • The lecture makes the students curve out their analytical ability and analysis regarding the topics. 
  • Lectures specify ways of making notes, assignments, and students to know about specific areas of study. Also, students will be able to make timetables regarding the survey.
  • Lectures also motivate students to learn through different dimensions. It inflicts in their interest for discovering more knowledge.
  • Lecture develops good behavior in students, develops speaking skills and confidence in them. 

how do you make an effective lecture?

Can you listen for hours to a person who is continuously talking about something you do not know? Aren’t you become bore within ten to twenty minutes and you want to leave the class immediately? This is how students become when you continue speaking without entertaining and engaging them. It is not through simply reading slides one can make students understand the topic thoroughly. Such passive teachers often face colossal criticism.

In a 2012 study conducted in Quebec university, 15,000 students simply asked who they would like to be taught to. All of them answered that they want to be taught by a professor who used to be engaging and deliver content intelligently. Thus, the current requirement of education is to engage students by asking questions while lecturing. It will also help them to brainstorm previous knowledge and will curve out their analytical ability. To make these possible, teachers must follow specific techniques and methodologies to make lectures as effective as possible. 

Tips to make lecture effective

  • Arrive at class on time: Teachers are the role models for the students. Whatever they do, students take notice of that and repeat their actions. If teachers are not punctual or arrive late, then that will be vain to complain about students’ coming late and unpunctuality. 
  • Impromptu quality of a conversation: A teacher should deliver lectures like he has found an opportunity to speak with students without any prior preparation. Lecture should not be sticked to one topic. This will become monotonous and loses the interest of the students over address. Instead, teachers should present a study based on diverse examples. Teachers should bring different models based on daily life to make the topic more interesting and understandable. 

Make eye contactTeachers should develop eye contact with students while delivering a lecture. This will develop a teacher-student connection. 

  • Teachers will be able to take silent notes of students and discourage them from disengaging from the lecture. 

 Establish interest by indicating the relevance: Students mostly attract knowledge that gives relevance to them with the lecture topic the teacher delivers at that time. Relevance creates easiness to make notes of the lecture. 

  • Exert humor in the lecture: when students get bored of the lecture, a little bit of humor will refresh them again. This will also make students attracted to the topic of the lecture. Best teachers usually find humor from within the topic of the lecture.
  • State your key concepts clearly: The teacher should deliver a lecture so eloquently that his/her knowledge is appropriately conveyed to students. For assurance, teachers should keep on asking a question during the lecture. So that teachers become aware of students understanding level. 
  • Move around the room and use natural gestures: Teachers should not stand still in one place. Instead, he/she roam around the class and engage students like a friend, especially shy student. It will erase hesitation from students and boost confidence in them. 
  • Draw or use visual representations: Teachers should use symbols, metaphors, analogies, and personification to build a visual representation of the topic that the teacher is teaching. This technique will help students to fix the information into the permanent memory of the student. 

What is the lecturing method?

The lecturing method means effective strategies adopted by a teacher to deliver a lecture as effectively as possible. Teachers’ methodology makes a teacher either most favorite through its successfully developing interest in students towards learning or attacked by much criticism due to lack of proper lecturing methods. However, many teachers often adopted approaches to deliver practical lectures that accomplish the task of learning of students. 

Teacher centered approach

Teacher-Centered Approach to LearningThis is a revolutionary method in which teachers are usually dominant and consider students as blank papers in which teachers have to impart knowledge in the best way. In this approach, students usually passively receive knowledge while teachers remain active throughout the lecture—the outcome results of students measured through testing and assessment. 

Student-Centered Approach to LearningIn this approach also, teachers have a dominant position. However, both teachers and students equally participate actively. The teacher is to facilitate students in their learning process. To make them understand how to make portfolios and give them group tasks through which students learn through peers’ groups.

High Tech Approach to Learning: This is the innovative approach of learning method. In this approach, students use different technological tools in classroom learning, such as computers and tablets in the classroom. Nowadays, innovative ways through the internet have been developed. For instance, in the face of the covid-19 situation, online learning through Zoom took place, where teachers and students equally participated in the learning process. 


A lecture is a process of conveying knowledge in a classroom to students. This knowledge should be conveyed through different strategies, such as engaging students in question/answer methods and activating them by giving various real-life examples. This way, students will willingly learn and will be active while lectures. This will only be possible in a student-centered approach, where students also participate actively in lectures and engage with the teacher by asking questions or giving answers.

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