What are Physical Skills? 10 Beneficial Physical Skills

In this contemporary world, do you see people spinning or weaving by their own hands? Do people still use carriages for traveling from one to another? Things have been so changed in this 21st century. The rampant technology has replaced most of the human physical work. Skill is the ability for doing specific work. However, physical skill means the strength naturally given to human beings for accomplishing many tasks by using this strength.  

What are Physical Skills?

Types of physical skills:

There are a total of ten skills to every normal human being naturally acquired by birth. Through these skills, humans do their work by using their specific muscles made specifically for that task.

10 Beneficial physical skills
  1. Cardiovascular muscle:  It works as gathering oxygen and delivering it to the whole body.
  2. Stamina: It works as storing and delivering and utilizing energy present in the human body.
  3. Strength: It works through the coordination of muscles by applying force.
  4. Flexibility:  It means the ability to increase the range of movement at the joint.
  5. Power: It is muscular coordination that helps to apply greater force in less period.
  6. Speed: Ability to produce maximum movement which helps in minimize the time.
  7. Coordination: It is the coordination of muscles to accomplish a single movement.
  8. Agility: It is the ability to decrease the time of transition from the pattern of one movement to another.
  9. Balance: It helps the body to support its placement concerning its base in the center of gravity.
  10. Accuracy: It helps in control the movement happening in a particular direction.


Physical skills are the natural ability present to every human being to accomplish worldly tasks. Though many tasks are replaced by machines, still the whole human is far distant to be replaced by a machine. There are still works present that require human strength and stamina. Physical skills require physical fitness.

This fitness is acquired through good nutrition and exercise. If one wants to be strengthened physically, he/she must also take care of his/her diet. With physical strength comes dexterity skills. These skills are acquired through continuously doing a particular work that curves out a particular skill.

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