How to achieve improvement in school performance?


This Introduction

School is the place where future generation is nurtured. If it performs well, it could transform the destiny of the nation. Therefore, the government must find avenues to improve the performance of schools so that nation could be prosperous and strengthen in the future. Schools provide children complete model for their social, economic, and moral behavior. This model benefits not only individually but also collectively. Thus, if these three models are inculcated properly into the minds of young ones, the rationale of the school system will be accomplished.

This Why school performance becomes dwindles?

School performance becomes dwindles when government and school management give inadequate heed to its functioning. It also happens due to a lack of proper investment. As the government of Pakistan invests only about 2.9 percent which is inadequate for proper school performance. As for UNO, the total investment of education at least must be 4 percent. On the other hand, teachers’ inefficient performance and students’ lack of proper attendance also affect the school’s performance. Lack of proper public-school buildings, toilets, and hygiene make the situation of public schools even worst. Thus, for improving school performance, school management and the government need to take every matter related to school seriously.

Strategies for improving school performance:

To improve the performance of the school, there is certain strategies school management specifically and government at large must adopt. The government needs to increase its allocation of the education budget and gives proper heed to buildings of schools. Secondly, the government needs to develop authentic policies and renovate curriculum that could adapt to the requirements of the existing world. for this reason, the curriculum must fulfill the requirement of SMEs (small and medium entrepreneurs) and critical analysis. These two areas will make students viable for future requirements of jobs throughout the world and make school performance going in the right direction. There is also a need for technological innovation as there are rampant changes in technology happening in today’s world. On the other hand, school management also needs to take certain measures for improving schools’ performance. They should develop such strategies that could attract students towards studies and make learning easier for them. For this reason, schools’ principals must monitor actively in every class for checking teacher’s performance and provide them proper methodology for teaching in class. Before appointing new teachers, they should be gone through proper training for learning how to manage classrooms, they should be given proper strategies for teaching lessons daily and other pedagogical skills. To make schools perform well, there should be coordination among school staff and school principal. They should work cooperatively and manage performance properly. There is also an effective mechanism of evaluation needed to check students’ learning outcomes. For this, the examination must be of a type that could evaluate a student’s analytical ability and learning capacity. This way, the coordination of staff in every matter makes it possible to accomplish daily tasks in a bona fide way. These abovementioned actions will improve in education and school performance inevitable.

Different ways of enhancing the learning process of students:

Learning is the mechanism that improves the behavior of human beings and makes them able to perform a certain task that incorporates their contribution to the world. This learning process happens mostly in schools. These are schools where children nurture for real-life tasks they come across in their future. Therefore, learning must be an initial priority for school management and teachers. To develop learning faculty in children, teachers should motivate them towards studies by putting them into a real-life situation. This way they will ‘learn by doing.’ As it is researched-based fact that learning happens through reading is 10 percent while learning performance happens is 90 percent. Therefore, teachers should focus on the strategy of ‘learning by doing’ and adopt other different learning strategies that could enhance the learning process in students and incite in them critical thinking, which is a dire need of contemporary time. Student’s behavior towards learning also matters to enhance the learning process. No matter how skilled teachers are, if they remain helpless to develop such behavior in students, as motivate them towards learning, the learning process will hardly happen. Thus, there is a need for the ‘Implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)’ mechanism to make learning possible for students. There have been many commissions and policies designed by the government of Pakistan since 1947 to help the education sector to improve the learning process in the education system of schools. For instance, New Education Policy 1970, National Education policy of 1972 and 1979. Now current education policy is designed in 2020, whose main motive is to develop critical analysis. If this policy is adopted by hook and crook, it would help enhance the learning faculty in students and can prepare them for future requirements of jobs and will help in improving school performance in this regard.

Strategies for reducing drop out ratio:

 The first-ever manifestation of school in better performance is that its attendance ratio would be at a higher level. However, the drop-out ratio is a negative sign of the performance of the school. In Pakistan, about 22.8 million children do not go to school. According to current statistics, there is about a 35% student drop-out ratio at the primary level in Pakistan. This is one of the highest dropout ratios in the world. To improve the performance of the school, the government needs to make certain strategies to decrease this ratio. First, the government should create a mechanism of giving scholarships to needy students, so that parents do not make poverty a reason for not sending their children to school. Second, the government should act against corporal punishments, so that students may not become demotivated for going to school. Teachers should keep on motivating students by giving them group tasks and indulging them in activities that could create interest in them for learning. Thus, such strategies will increase the power of learning and improves school performance.

Strategies for Mechanism of Evaluation:

Evaluation is the most important mechanism for knowing the learning outcomes of students. Through this mechanism, teachers get to know that how much students are capable of learning. The teaching methodology also becomes acknowledged that what methodology is suitable and producing more learning outcomes. Through evaluation teachers also get acknowledged about levels of students and which students need more attention of teachers. Thus, teachers need to develop different strategies for evaluation that could produce maximum results of students’ output. For this reason, teachers should take a daily verbal test of previous lectures, so that they could acknowledge students understanding level. Teachers should also encourage them for self-evaluation by making them check their test papers. This way students will increase their learning power and learn to correct their own mistakes.


School performance is the direct proportion to the students’ achievement. If the school performs well, it could lead students towards their destination and it also proves betterment for the nation in general. School performance can tread in the right direction when the government and school management give proper attention to its function and facilitate and motivate students for learning through different activities. Government should put forward such policies that could make develop an interest in students for learning and make education contemptible to the contemporary world.

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